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Meg de Jong otherwise known as @mindthecurvesza on Instagram is a 30-something quirkaholic who uses laughter as a way to survive life. And speaking from experience, I have been exposed to Megz infectious laugh and was drawn in from our first encounter. With a love for vintage vibes, and mashing unlikely things together — pearls and pirates, teacups and tentacles, frilly skirts and skulls, dinosaurs, zombies and… the list are endless and quite evident as to why we love Meg for her quirky ways.

In 2013, Meg quit her job, packed up all her belongings, and took a year off to travel around the world. The experience, to put it mildly, was life changing, and she came home with a very different set of priorities for her life. One of them was to live her life to the fullest every day, and not let anything hold her back — least of all her body.

“Having been a chubby child, curvaceous teenager and fat adult, my body image was always something I had grappled with, and I had this mindset that one day I would get it ‘right’ and then I would be beautiful and my life would begin properly. When I came back from my travels, I realised that I didn’t need to wait for anything, I could live the life I wanted right now” – Meg

Fashion was always something Meg had been very intimidated by, feeling like there were all these rules that “curvier” girls had to follow. However, saying that, Meg really started to have fun with her style, once starting to embrace it. Meg had started her blog to document her journey to loving her body, and embracing her personal style. With a hope to be a voice with a different message about what beautiful really is, and to show other women that it is possible to embrace your body and live your life even if you don’t fit society’s definition. The end result has been so much more than that. Once you start living a life that’s true to yourself, the rewards are endless and the blessings are evident.

Not only is Meg beauty, but brains too. A writer turned content marketer by day, and family person and house renovator pretty much all the time. With a love for old lady things like collecting brooches and doing cross stitch and not to forget her funny black cat called Spooky. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing my instant connection to Meg has a lot to do with our shared love for cats.

Let’s chat about being Body Positive;

“For me, body positivity is a constant journey. It undoubtedly has its ups and downs, and there’s no one day that I’m like ‘haha! Today I am perfect!’. For me, body positivity is the mindset of how I approach everything to do with my body. When I exercise or eat healthily it’s because I love my body and I want to keep it happy and healthy, not because I want to change the way it looks. This is not to say I get this right all the time — but this is what I’m aiming for” — Meg

“A big part of it is accepting that all bodies are different and that in itself is beautiful. Understanding that clothes and fashion are made for a very particular body type is another thing — you shouldn’t aspire to change your body to fit clothes. Clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around!” — Meg

Something that we as a curvier woman can relate to and resonate with Is how important supporting and encouraging others around us is. Meg shares this same mindset and is the very reason I wanted to share her story with all my readers.

“We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and this is one of the most toxic things we can do. That girl that you’re busy putting up on a pedestal and comparing yourself to — well, she’s got many of her own hang-ups that you probably hadn’t even thought of, and she’s busy comparing herself to someone else in the very same way. It’s a bit of a sick cycle, and only by supporting and encouraging each other can we break it.” — Meg

As every woman should know, being confident is a never-ending journey. As Meg says, it all depends on the day. Some days she would look in the mirror and think ‘wow, I’m rocking it today! (those days usually involved false eyelashes), and other days she would feel ‘urgh, why even bother?

“But then I remind myself of what I believe, and only bad things will come from trying to force this body to be something that it’s not. I also try to remember that my body is only a part of who I am, and it’s a part that I have limited control over. I do however have control over who I am as a person, and the actions I take, so I try to focus more on that.” — Meg

I had so much fun shooting with Meg and I believe she is a true inspiration to all woman. Check her out on her social media platforms for daily inspiration.

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography 

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