Curvaceous Angels – Simone’s road to confidence

When it came to diets and tablets, you name it I had done it. “I’m on a diet” had been my catch phrase since grade 7. There were times where I would put my health at risk just so that I could conform to what society deemed as acceptable. The craziest thing I ever did was starve myself and pop pills in order to suppress my appetite. There were certain standards that I had engraved in my mind, and I was willing to cause harm to myself just so that I could “fit” in. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never put so much pressure on myself. I have now developed an ‘I don’t care’ attitude when it comes to the negative opinions of others, especially when it concerns my weight and body type. When I think back to my struggles, I could kick myself for allowing others to control so much of myself for so many years. 

You can’t control what others will think of you, but you can control how they will make you feel. I decided that I wanted to feel good, I wanted to feel pretty and I wanted to feel confident. There is a difference in being beautiful and feeling beautiful. I knew I would feel this way if I lived a healthier lifestyle that consisted of no diets and no more pills. After my 21st birthday I made the decision to get healthy and fit the right way. It took me about 4 years to lose 30 kg. In those 4 years I learnt more about myself then any psychologist could possible ever “teach” me. Those years had been the best medicine for me, and now I can confidently stand proud with the want and need to help others.

My confidence peeked when I did a photo shoot earlier this year for Donna, formally known as Donna Claire. A bunch of curvy bloggers and a few competition winners were invited to be a part of their latest campaign, which can now be seen in all their store window displays. Being on set that day with all those beautiful body positive woman sparked something inside me. It was then when I decided it was time to start loving the body I was in. I saw something that day and it has been my driving force ever since.

I have a few close friends who always cheer me on, uplift me and help me to see the beauty in being myself. Behind every confident & powerful woman is a tribe of other confident & powerful woman cheering her on. I am so grateful to my friends who are always around to listen, who are always around motivating me to keep pushing forward, and most importantly I am grateful to my friends who love me for me. Confidence is not determined by the affirmations of others, but there is no harm in having a solid tribe of like minded people around that encourage each other on the daily.


Hair By – Star Styles (Tracey Serfontein)

Make Up By – Shelby Lee Souma

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography

Top & Heels – Cotton On

Skirt – The Fix

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