Curvaceous Angels – Junette’s road to Confidence

“I will never forget how I felt when my boyfriend at the time would emotionally mistreat me. He would buy clothing that was 4 sizes too small for me. He would say “this is a little inspiration for you” He would make me gym 3 times a day and I still wasn’t thin enough or good enough for him. Eventually he had cheated on me with a thinner girl. The worst part was, he made me believe it was my fault.”  

I started becoming a confident woman about 7 years ago when I met my now Husband. He has really helped me love myself for who I truly am. He still tells me a million times a day how beautiful I am, he is truly my biggest fan. They say a woman makes a man, but I think a supporting, loving man, really makes a woman. My husband is extremely supportive in so many ways, I love that he always pushes me to be a better version of myself each day. He knows I will never be a size 10, which I was when we first met. I was constantly on some type of diet tablet or some overnight crash diet. My husband would always say to me I was looking for a quick fix, and a quick fix is not going to solve anything. That was exactly my problem at the time, I was always looking for the quickest way to make myself thinner and more acceptable for society. Now my husband and I try to live a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.

I have 2 careers which means I travel a lot, so it’s difficult to always stick to an exercise routine or a healthy diet.  However, when you make it a lifestyle, then you are more than capable of doing it. Don’t deprive yourself from having that block of chocolate, just remember everything in moderation.  If you deprive yourself, next thing you know you’ve eaten the entire slab of chocolate and are now living with regrets. Don’t beat yourself up, otherwise you will constantly be living in a cycle of guilt, and before you know it those bad feelings will start taking over your mind.  My advise – Don’t let your body bully your mind. 

4 years ago, I became a Curve Model and that really changed my life even more so. I realized just how many young girls out there lived with the same insecurities, and are struggling to accept their bodies. I see a lot of my old self in them, a young Junette struggling to be confident. I thought to myself; if I can make these young women feel better and confident, then my job is done!! I LIVE FOR IT AND LOVE BEING A BODY AMBASSADOR. All you need, is to be is healthy and Happy with yourself and most importantly believe in yourself!! You are beautiful just the way you are.

Remember YOU are BEAUTIFUL!

Hair By – Star Styles (Tracey Serfontein)

Make Up By – Shelby Lee Souma

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography

Dress – Sissy Boy

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