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I spend a lot of time putting together content for my blog. Some weeks I will write a short fictional story, and other weeks I’ll write something that’s motivational. However, this week I found myself sitting on my bed looking at the images below and wondering what to write. As many writers will know, this is a daunting feeling, especially when the words just don’t appear. This is otherwise known as writers block and can attack at any given time. In times like these I find it’s best to step away from my laptop get outside and focus on things like conversations I’ve had with people. So while sitting outside, enjoying a cup of tea, it got me thinking about a conversation I had with one of my good friends. The conversation was about the progress of my blog and how far I have come with every look post. My friend probably didn’t realize it at the time, but in that moment she was motivating me to see things differently so that I may motivate someone else in return. 

So because of this conversation, it got me to look back at my very first look post . I went into that post and had a look at the images posted and at the content I had written. Something profound happened in that moment. I realized that I have been so focused on how far I still have to go in this industry, that I have completely missed the bigger scheme of things. I stopped seeing how far I had already come. You see the biggest mistake that we as people make is, we are so focused on the bigger picture that we forget to stop and look at all the small things that have gotten us to where we are today. We forget to look back at where we started, thus resulting in us missing how far we have already come. Take a moment to appreciate the smaller things along your journey. That person you met, that photo shoot you did, that email you got, that compliment, or even that conversation you had with someone.

This got me thinking a little deeper into my life and I realized I had been making the same mistake with other aspects of my life. I had become so consumed at how far I should be, that I had forgotten how far I had already come. Example, a couple of months ago I was still body shamming myself because I didn’t feel like I was good enough, yet I had forgotten that I had already come so far on my journey. I was no longer 20kg heavier. I was in fact 20kg lighter, and to add sprinkles to my metaphorical cake… I had kept those 20kg OFF!

Another example, I had always been so ashamed of my past and ashamed of my past relationships that I thought I’d never meet the right person. So because of my shame, every potential partner who came into my life suffered. When in hindsight all I needed to do was look back and realize that I was in fact no longer in those toxic relationships, that I was in fact no longer the same weak woman, that I was in fact no longer living in fear of love. I had already come so far in terms of fixing myself that I should have let that fuel me to press forward in love and not blame others for the mistakes done onto me in the past.

I hope you can grasp my point, as I have a tendency to somewhat go off course when I get passionate about a topic. Yes, I am not perfect, yes I  live with doubt and fear and shame, and I make mistakes. HOWEVER, I now know that there’s a difference between feeling those emotions and living in those emotions. You can’t allow those emotions to consume your life, and take up space in your heart.  Just because you can’t see your future blessings, don’t allow your shortcomings to become your new comings. It is what is it, but it’s not what it seems – What do I mean by this? It is what is is, meaning; yes perhaps I’m not a well established blogger YET, yes I might not be 10kg lighter YET, yes I still haven’t met Mr. right YET- It is what it is.  BUT! Now listen carefully… it is NOT what it seems. Meaning; this is NOT where my story ends. My blessings are still on their way. I only need to look back to see how far I have come, so that I may look forward to what I still have in store. It is what it is, but it is not what it seems.

My biggest encouragement for this week has been looking back at where I started and realizing just how far I have come. This has made my journey going forward that much more rewarding. I’m not saying it will be easy, I’m saying it will be rewarding if you keep pushing forward.

I hope I can encourage others to look at their lives and realize that it doesn’t matter what your current situation is, as your current situation is not your final destination. A set back is simple a set up for greater things to come. Give thanks to your small accomplishments and allow those small accomplishments to help you stay motivated towards your end goal. Don’t only appreciate the open doors, appreciate the closed doors as well. That door that closed, was not meant for you, move on to the next one. Whatever you do, never stop chasing your dreams.


Glasses – YDE

T-Shirt – Cotton ON

Bomber – Vero Moda at Superbalist

Boots – Cotton On

Photography By – Tegan Smith Photography

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