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I remember buying my first pair of white sneakers, it was that one online purchase that led to love at first sight. Well shoe love that is, none the less shoe love is just as powerful as wine love or actual love for that matter. You get my point I’m sure. The fact is I was totally and utterly in love. Opening up the blue Adidas shoebox, the fresh sneaker scent escaping from underneath the tissue paper, my palms began to sweat as I revealed my brand new Stan Smiths.

Not long after, in fact, hours later my love for sports apparel grew to the heights of wanting to re-arrange my entire wardrobe to fit the likes of Rhianna and Rita Ora. This, of course, was an expensive dream, to say the least, but none the less I was determined to embrace all that Sports Luxe had to offer.

Alexander Wang has been incorporating active wear into his collections for many years, and only after looking to our trusty street style fashionistas for inspiration have we come to the realisation that looking like you’ve just stepped out of the gym is the new black. And quite frankly what is better than black?

Comfortability is key and being comfortable in my clothes and shoes is so important to me, hence, why I have been living in leggings since their creation. However, since the evolution of Sports Luxe came into play I no longer need to feel ashamed or socially awkward when discussing the latest denim trends with friends (that of which I know nothing about). Sportswear is the latest craze and it’s now considered fashionable to look like a 21st-century sporty spice, minus the British accent and cringe-worthy dance moves. With Queen B setting the tone for a sexier approach to activewear we have even more reason to embrace this trend. Not to mention the Jenner clan blowing up our newsfeeds with HM and Puma.

Let’s be honest, those gym tights hold everything together a whole lot better than those cotton tights we own. What does Sports Luxe mean to you? You don’t need to be an active gym bunny to embrace this trend. This is the time to combine athletic wear and luxury wear. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, start with small touches, throw on a pair of form-fitting tights with a stiletto heel and a bomber jacket to channel your inner Rihanna, or opt for a day out in sneakers and a dress. Whatever your cup of tea there is a blend especially for you.

I am excited to say that I have now built up a collection of sneakers to pair with any outfit, as well as active wear bomber jackets to throw on over my LBD for a night out with my ladies (Spoiler alert – I don’t wear dresses) I encourage all woman to embrace this fun trend and try to incorporate at least one athletic item to ensure staying stylish this season. Hey, even if you only start off wearing a peak cap, you are already well on your way to being a fashion forward street style trendsetter.

About this look
I wanted to take my black obsession to another level with this Sports Luxe inspired outfit. SO I decided to incorporate all 3 of my favourite sports apparel elements, those being a sporty bomber jacket, sneakers, and a peak cap. With winter creeping in, we have even more reason to wear our sneakers outside of the gym. Tegan and I shot this look in the streets of Cape Town, where I would imagine this type of look to be most prominent. If you look at my previous blog post I wanted to show you just how easy it is to change up an outfit by only swapping out and adding a few new pieces. This overall outfit is exactly the same look as seen in my previous blog post, however, I simply replaced the leather jacket with this Adidas track bomber, ditched my heeled boots for comfy sneakers and added a peak cap for that final sports luxe touch. My point was to prove that, with the right basics, you can always achieve an entirely new look.

Peak Cap – Adidas
Bomber Track Jacket – Adidas – Superbalist
Scarf, T-shirt & Leggings – Cotton On
Sneakers – Adidas ZX Flux

Photography By – Tegan Smith Photography – Book NOW Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog Look Post-Fashion Blog-Raw Explosions Fashion Blog

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