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Tis the season to be jolly and spend some cash on those last minute gifts for loved ones. If your anything like me, you have left your christmas shopping for the last minute and now your in a complete panic as you have NO idea what to buy. I have put together a list of gifts I think are very much affordable and easy to get your hands on in a short amount of time. With Christmas only a week away, time is minimal which is why I’d like to assist.


Short bread chocolate biscuits – Woolworths. 

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Yummy treats are always a good option! Woolworths is my go to store when I want to gift edible goodies. The packaging is always on point with a hint of festive sophistication. What I love most about their treats, is that nearly all the packaging can be reused at a later stage, like these beautiful glass jars for example. I have a little obsession for jars anyway, and always find a way in which to reuse them. These are perfect to use for displaying on your coffee table or in the kitchen filled up with yummy treats of course.


Photoframe & Nifty Prints – Mr. Price Home & Nifty 250 

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I have one rule when gifting a photo frame. DO NOT leave the frame empty. Instead fill the frame with a beautiful memory you share with that particular person. You can even go a bit further by gifting a selection of photos for your receiver to choose from. The polaroids in this picture where printed at Nifty 250 (unfortunitly, yesterday was the last day to get your orders in, none the less keep them in mind for next year, or for any special occasion for that matter) They are super cute and make for the perfect personalised gift.


Succulents, Plants & Cactuses – Woolworths 

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OH MY GAAAASH – All of a sudden I have a new found love for plants! Receiving a beautiful succulent or a feisty cactus is such a special gift for someone. A plant can brighten up any work space, office desk, kitchen table or even a bed side table. These beauties are not expensive and really not that much of a fuss either as you don’t need to worry about them dying any time soon (Obviously with some water every now and then and some TLC, your plant will last forever) For someone like me I truly do love receiving a beautiful plant, as I use these for many Instagram posts and blog posts. A good green plant can make any photo or room a little brighter.


CK One – Perfume – Edgars 

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If your buying for your best friend or your partner, and you know what their favourite scent is… then this is truly a great idea. Its a simple gift yet filled with loads of thought and love. I rarely buy myself perfume as it can be a tad bit pricey. So instead I slip hints to my mom about the fragrances I’m currently crushing over. CK One is my go to scent for summer, with a fresh summer smell its perfect for those days out in the sun. Find out your receivers favourite scent and spoil them this year.


Jewellery – These are from the Vineyard Oval Market 

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I absolutely love shopping at markets, you find the most beautiful unique pieces when it comes to jewellery. I bagged these owl earrings and crystal chain from the lovely Carols Crafts at the Oval Market (now at Kenilworth racecourse) What girl doesn’t love jewellery??? At affordable prices and easy to get your hands on, wrap up a chain or bracelet for that special someone.


Beauty – Make Up – MAC and Pick & Pay nail polish. 

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When buying a gift for your girls, mom, cousins, girlfriend etc. Any beauty product would do. Know your friends and what they use often. A simple MAC compact or some pretty nail polish will do the job. Ladies love to be showered with the gift of beauty. Literally all shops now days stock all your beauty needs. Most of my girlfriends love and swear by MAC so it was a no brainer when selecting a gift for one of them. Also Forever 21 has the cutest beauty products (Eyelash curlers, vanity bags, makeup brushes, etc) AND the best part is that they are SUPER affordable!


I hope I have helped you for your last minute shopping sprees. Good luck out there. My best advice when buying a gift – “Buy something you would like to receive” If its not something you’d like to receive, then its probable not a good choice. The trouble with that however, is that 9 times out of 10 I end up keeping the gift for myself 🙂 Will Power is needed.

Happy shopping!


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