Day One – #MBFWCT

Day One 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town

The day had finally arrived, and the excitement was real! My favourite part of fashion week is definitely the street style (seeing all the beautiful fashion forward people) I draw so much of my own inspiration from seeing others express their creative explosions.

Media Pass in hand refreshed and ready for my two shows of the night.

Habits – Jenny le Roux

Monochrome magic! Black & White, red lips and sleek pulled back hair bottled sophistication and femininity as each model glided down the runway. We saw trendy elements of lace, sheer and silk floaty fabrics which were painted with stripes and soft print. Jenny’s entire collection transported me into a glamorous galaxy where red lipstick is a must and stripes are compulsory (My dream world). We have seen the monochrome trend in previous years, however, this year Habits SS16 incorporated a more soft approach, allowing the fabrics to speak for themselves.


15_CTFW_SDR_4414_Habits Day One - #MBFWCT 15_CTFW_SDR_4539_Habits Day One - #MBFWCT 15_CTFW_SDR_4261_Habits Day One - #MBFWCT 15_CTFW_SDR_4325_Habits Day One - #MBFWCT

Adriaan Kuiters & Jody Paulsen

Knee cleavage and elbow cleavage was the focus element on the runway along with misfit prints and abstract art patchwork.

The SS16 collection drew major inspiration of “that” 70’s sporty inspired feel, yet leaving the audience entertained and a tad bit mischievous at the end. vintage gangsta rap and a modern techno beat blared down the runway tieing hand in hand with the vision that is to recreate and reuse fabrics and patterns to create something completely new.

We saw yet another monochromatic infusion mixed with basic staple colours for both men and woman.

Defiantly a fan of the big bulky brass and wooden bangles, hair clips, brooches and pendants seen going down the runway.


15_CTFW_SDR_4779_AdriaanKuiters Day One - #MBFWCT 15_CTFW_SDR_5624_AdriaanKuiters Day One - #MBFWCT 15_CTFW_SDR_4805_AdriaanKuiters Day One - #MBFWCT

15_CTFW_SDR_5541_AdriaanKuiters Day One - #MBFWCT



Photo Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

A Colourful First Time – Look Post

edit41 A Colourful First Time - Look Post


With all these gloomy days in Cape Town, I needed to add some colour back into my life and find inspiration for the next couple of weeks ahead.

Finding a place filled with rich history, colour and beauty was the easy part, finding my inner “model” was not. There’s a first for everything, and this was mine. Credit to my very patient photographer who put up with an extensive blurb roll of photos. These were the best shots, TRUST me, the BEST shots for the day. Looking forward to the days when I can ease up and crush a look post. 

Jacket: Mr.Price

Boots: Cotton On

Sunglasses: YDE 

edit2 A Colourful First Time - Look Postedit4 A Colourful First Time - Look Postedit5 A Colourful First Time - Look Postedit7 A Colourful First Time - Look Post

Chats with Lalesso

14_MBFWCT_SDR_1046_Lalesso Chats with Lalesso


It’s always interesting to get an inside look into what goes into the planning of a show for Fashion Week. Last week we chatted to Olivia and Alice from Lalesso on what to expect from their show, what inspires and motivates them as well as touched sides on trends and some advice for aspiring designers.


Herse what these lovely ladies had to say:

In 3 words how would you describe Lalesso? 


Being that Lalesso is awarded as an EthicalBrand, how do you ensure this is always incorporated in your collections? 

Olivia: Our ethics are so deeply engrained into the ‘Lalesso system’ at this stage that it happens by default. We work with only ethically approved and reputable factories, we source environmentally friendly textiles and we carbon offset. We also try to incorporate socially responsible projects wherever possible. This season we are working with an amazing Maasai women’s group who are doing the beadwork embellishment detail on the garments.

What inspired your latest collection for Cape Town fashion week? 

For Spring Summer 2016 we started to look at global traditional cultures – from Mongolia to Peru to Senegal and we started to see a common thread throughout. An ornate intricacy in detail, pattern and form. We used inspiration from this to create the prints and then moved forward with it into the design – a collection for a global citizen that embodies the sense of universal tribalism. We’ve incorporated some beadwork embellishment in the designs which are hand crafted by a Maasai women’s group in Kenya which creates interesting depth to the collection.

Talk us through an average day in the month or weeks before fashion week? 

Alice: There is no such thing as an average day! One day we’ll be shooting, one day we’ll be sourcing shoes and at fittings. We spend time coming up with a ‘concept’ for the show which includes music, hair and makeup and set design. Then we’ll start ironing outfit issues in the garments and start resampling. ALOT of work goes into the collections you see on the runway!

What do you ladies do to mentally and physical prepare for a show like this? 

Olivia: We’ve been working so closely with the collection for over 6 months now so it feels almost like a child that we’ve nurtured to maturity. In saying that we feel confident and prepared with what we’re going to show on the runway and that means we don’t allow for too much stress to come into play. Physically we’re both very active and our exercise is important to the balance in our daily lives. We both do yoga and are often running up mountains – this definitely helps with the preparations.

Knowing that celebrities and big fashion houses around the world know, wear and are big fans of your brand, what is your expectation for every Cape Town fashion week?

Alice: Every year Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town gets better and better. As the world is now presented on such a digital platform, it’s easy for our buyers and customers to see what we are doing over here in Cape Town during fashion week which is amazing. It’s a wonderful way to unveil a collection.

Do you feel showcasing at Cape Town fashion week is a great platform for existing and aspiring designers? 

Olivia: Yes I absolutely do – the standard of production is world class and I feel that this really gives designers a chance to showcase their collections in a professional manner to the right audience.

What can we as the public and media expect from this year’s show? 

Alice: This year we have kept the show very streamlined and simple. We wanted the collection and the prints to speak for themselves. There will be plenty of flowing chiffon’s and crisp summer linens.

As a designer what are your biggest concerns for the night of your show? 

Olivia: One year the sound didn’t work for our show, that was a disaster as so much time and energy had gone into pairing perfectly with the AV and it completely ruined the overall effect – so sound is definitely something we always hope won’t go wrong. Other than that we also always get a bit nervous about the response from both media, buyers and the public but so far that has always been predominantly positive 🙂

What would you say are trends to look out for this coming summer? 

Alice: There is a huge return to the seventies and the boho chic look is on it’s way back. Lots and lots of white lace, cotton and camel platforms.

What is an ideal everyday look that our readers could throw together? 

Olivia: One of my favourite looks from the SS16 collection is the Laini Shirt work with the Rahisi Culottes – its print on print which is a big look for the summer and is easily worn with some platform wedges.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now? 

Alice: I wish I had known not to sweat the small stuff and to keep focused on the bigger picture. Olivia and I often have disagreements on things but now we kind of just get on with it. We have the same end goal and that’s what’s important, not if the sleeve should be lengthened by 2cm or 2.5cm!

As Raw Explosions supports young aspiring designers, what advice can you give those starting out?  

Olivia: Know and nurture your customer as they are the ones that will see you through into becoming a successful business. Keep your books in order, know what you’re spending on what and study the reporting at the end of a season so you know where you can spend more or where you’re spending too much.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_1047_Lalesso Chats with Lalesso 14_MBFWCT_SDR_1062_Lalesso Chats with Lalesso

I am beyond excited to see the final product this Friday the 31st! Raw Explosions wishes these ladies all the best for their show! Thank you for the chat.

Mercedez-Benz Cape Town Fashion Week from 30-31 July & 01 August

Photo Credit – Simon Deiner / SDR Photo


SA Menswear Week 2015

I braved the Cape Town cold to step out for SA Menswear Week 2015 at Greenpoint Stadium.

A first for Cape Town to host over 25 of South Africa’s best menswear designers, thus creating a platform for menswear designers in Africa to showcase their beautiful creations.

Monochrome madness seemed to be a HUGE trend for this years SA Menswear Week as well as soft fabrics, bold colours, asymmetrical beauty and clean playful patterns.

Orange Culture

Nigerian influences with hints of western classics. Fabrics that flow with ease and grace down the run way, was a true gem to watch. Adebayo Oke-Lawal (Designer and mastermind behind Orange Culture Label) blew me away with his ravishing pieces. Bursts of playful patterns and colours mixed with sheer sexiness. All in a days work for our metro men of Cape Town.

Man clutch crazy, after seeing these beauts!

15b_SAMW_SDR_0473_OrangeCulture SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_0581_OrangeCulture SA Menswear Week 2015

 15b_SAMW_SDR_0229_OrangeCulture SA Menswear Week 2015

Kim Gush

Leather, Skin & Braids.

I am obsessed with this entire collection! Fierce leather creations braced the runway as the creative pieces  that are the brainchild of Kim Gush displayed a true stylish form of outrageous designs.

Cropped, chopped and lined with sexiness. This collection speaks volumes, absolutely love the laid back sporty feel and look all pulled together with a very seductive skin (leather)

15b_SAMW_SDR_8990_KSDRush SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_9256_KSDRush SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_9071_KSDRush SA Menswear Week 2015

Kola Kuddus

An Arabian nights dream infused with Nigerian beauty.

Vibrant colours of citrus orange and radiant deep blues paired with stripes and asymmetrical details. I was whisked away to another time, yet each piece embodied a modern aesthetic while still staying true to “true” African goodness.

 JUST beautiful!

15b_SAMW_SDR_9735_KolaKuddus SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_0079_KolaKuddus SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_0030_KolaKuddus SA Menswear Week 2015

Merwe Mode

Urban wear-ability – A woman’s man

Did I see a crop top inspired shirt? YES! This is exactly what I loved most about this incredible clean, chic, manly man collection. “Your everyday metro man on a mission” Each piece speaks a bold statement incorporating impressive detail.

Deeva van der Merwe and Sarah Wocknitz

15b_SAMW_SDR_9276_MerweMode SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_9680_MerweMode SA Menswear Week 2015

15b_SAMW_SDR_9303_MerweMode SA Menswear Week 2015

Photography & Image Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

Nicholas (Nick) Vries designer and owner of the clothing label PTY (Protect The Young Designs) 

image2003 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

Protect The Young Designs 

Personally my favourite piece from last week Friday’s show.

image047 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

Street Chic #2

The reason why I wanted to do a write up on Nick and his latest collection is not only because I think he is an exceptional young designer, but also because of the reason behind this specific fashion, that is what truly inspired me. Nick is a member of the dance crew Untimitive. This talented dance crew joined forces with Forbidden Envy Events Company to bring you a night of fashion and entertainment. Street Chic #2 was the brain child behind raising money in order for Untimitive to go onto the Hip Hop World Championships in San Diego. An entire crew came together to join their talents and determination, that type of combined effort and support is worth writing about. 

image001 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

As a designer, Nick brought a fresh unique approach to Urban street wear. With garments that not only complement males and females they also bring a whole new dimension to the fashion industry, claiming a solid title for comfortability and wear-ability. These PTY designs boast creativity and expression for our youth especially, something our local fashion industry is lacking at the moment.

Woman’s Wear

image2016 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

R8A6293-copy Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

R8A6359-copy Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

image055 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show


Men’s Wear

image043 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

R8A6242-copy Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

R8A6211-copy Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

image051 Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

When attending a fashion show or showcasing of sample designs, I like to imagine each garment as having his or her own personality. I got that feeling straight away. Each PTY garment had their own story to tell. 

With such a raw element, these garments are something not conformed to the norm. Chatting to Nick a few days before the show he had mentioned that, that is exactly what he wants his label to portray. Nick’s true vision was executed in the detail and patchwork of each garment that went down the runway. 

R8A6416-copy Street Chic #2 Fashion Show

Congratulations to Nick (PTY – Protect The Young), Untimitive and Forbidden Envy for putting together a truly inspiring evening.

PTY (Protect The Young) has truly beaten the odds of success in a desirable and fiercely competitive industry. I look forward to seeing more in the near future.


Photo Credit & Photographer – Danie Coetzee


Q & A with PTY – Protect The Young

FullSizeRender Q & A with PTY - Protect The Young


Had a chat with the ever so stylish designer behind the PTY (Protect The Young) clothing brand – Nicholas Vries.


Who is Nick the Designer?

Nick: I’m just inspired by so many creative things. Being that I’m also a dancer, I like to make clothes that are stretchable, easy to dance and move in, but that are still unique. I’m always about that unique life, not just something you’d find in a store, also something that will appeal to males and females. Especially in the dance scene a lot of girls like to wear men’s clothing, so why not make this look and style available to both males and females at the same time.

My clothing will always be unique, something you won’t just find anywhere.


When did you become a fashion designer?

Nick: I started off with graphic design back in 2006/7, from there I started researching graffiti which lead me into printing on T-Shirts. After a while that starting dying out, so only up until last year when I spontaneously bought myself a sewing machine did I really become a designer. I sat for hours, and hours figuring out how a sewing machine worked (So you taught yourself how to sew?) Yes, I fully taught myself by sitting for hours practising. By doing that I found out I could make unique clothing. So it really all started about the end of last year.


What have you got installed for Friday night’s fashion show?

There’s going to be a lot of different things. I’m doing a lot of winter coats and big warm items, but a lot of it is relatable to both sexes. A lot of the things will be unisex and things you haven’t seen before. I like extra-long, extra baggy items because as you know people can be very self-conscious about their bodies, for example with the ladies it’s always about hiding the hips and then with the guys they always want to do it baggy and long. So I’ve tried to get the long length and baggy look without being too baggy on top, you still want to show off your curves yet still have the length to cover up what you need to cover up or just give your look that extra style. I’m also doing a lot of trendy things such as zips and as I’ve said the longer lengths. (So something that’s a trademark to you?) Yes exactly, trendy and unique.

Thanks Nick, we wish you good luck for the show on Friday


Street Chic #2

STREET-CHIC1 Street Chic #2

Heating things up in June with Untimitive and Events Company – Forbidden Envy working together to bring you Street Chic #2 a themed fashion show happening at Imperial Night Club.

I am very excited to see two worlds join forces in order to raise money for the every reigning dance champions Untimitive. Combining the fashion industry with the dance industry is going to be quite the creative explosion.

Street Chic #2 will showcase young aspiring designers such as clothing brand – Protect the Youth PTY to name a few, as well as keep the crowd entertained with local artists.

One of the designers that will be showcasing his latest creation is also a member of the dance crew Untmitive, so rest assured this is going to be a night full of rhythmic artistic expression.

What better events company to bring this to you then Forbidden Envy, they strive to create a platform for all local talent, one of those being designers.

Let’s not only create an opportunity for young designers to be seen and heard, let’s create a lasting foundation which will inspire others to uncover their own talents.

Stay locked on Raw Explosions next week for exclusive interviews and behind the scenes images of all the action as it happens.

For more details on the show, Untimitive, Forbidden Envy, as well as ticket sales follow this link – Street Chic #2