Dress like a runway model this spring


It’s always hard trying to interrupt the runway trends when you’re not in the know and even harder trying to figure out how to incorporate these trends into your daily wardrobe especially when everything looks a bit outrageous. I love keeping up to date with my favourite designers and find it fun looking for these trends in clothing stores. Luckily for us, we have skilled fashion buyers to do this for us. They travel abroad, catch onto the latest trends and bring it back to our shores for all to wear.

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Slay – Violet & Yellow – Hair Shoot


Meeting the ever gorgeous Kimlyn Sisam was an honour, to say the least, and an even bigger honour was to pose alongside this beauty for our recent hair shoot. Kimlyn is a makeup and hair stylist and better known for her work on the Afternoon Express Show. This charming lady is known for having outrageously awesome hair and flawless makeup. You can catch her on the TKO show on Goodhope FM, Afternoon Express, and Top Billing. Or just follow her IG account for everyday makeup inspiration and videos – @kimlyn_makeuphair

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Unicorn Hair – Hair By Star Style – Look Post


I recently teamed up with Cape Town’s colour guru Tracey Serfontein also known for her Hair Studio – Hair by Star Style where she has done hair transformations for the likes of Lakota Da Silva, Tracy Rossiland & TK from Goodhope FM to name a few. Tracey has been in the industry for 10 years and having built up an impressive clientele as such, it gave someone like myself the confidence to put my full trust in her when wanting to experiment with my hair.

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This Springs MUST Haves – Girl on a budget


Spring is literally around the corner and the mere fact that there are only 4 months left of 2016 is daunting enough, now we need to stress about an entirely new wardrobe on top of that reality shock.

With the direction in which my life is going at the moment in terms of moving out, I am all about bargain buys and learning how to adjust my lifestyle and living on a budget. Hense I wanted to share my budget finds for this upcoming spring season.

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The Grunge – Look Post


Welcome to week three of my winter coat collaboration with Sport Unlimited. This is the final week and a bittersweet moment it is. I had so much fun shooting all three looks in different ways, yet I’m super sad it’s all over as we approach the end of our gloomy winter days.

This coat was such a vibe to shoot, especially when complemented with an all-black grunge outfit. Wearing all black is no issue for me, as 80% of my wardrobe consist of only black items, however, I like being able to break that contrast with a softer colour in order not to look faded out. Grey for me is the perfect colour when you want to dress an outfit down and appear more casual. It’s also the cosiest colour for winter and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

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All About Eve this winter – Look Post


I’m writing this post from the comfort of my bed today, not feeling that great and needed some alone time to reflect and rejuvenate before the busy month of July starts. Murphy’s Law however – that one day I take off I am stuck with a full house of people. Nothing ever seems to go according to plan these days, none the less I am willing to make today work and get on with what needs to be done. Work wise, this being our busiest time in the industry I will have very limited time to focus on my blog, however I have set some time aside and planned a few new shoots. Email me if there is anything in particular you would like me to chat about or any styles you would like me to try out.

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New Era for Athleisure


It’s a New Era for Athleisure and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and play around with a few of my favourite pieces.

I am all about comfort in my everyday life and having the versatility to play around with different brands and products that offer me just that, makes planning a photo shoot that much more exciting. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to own my very own New York Yankees baseball cap, however, I have yet to find a colour and the correct fit to satisfy my particular needs. That was until I stumbled upon the New Era brand on Superbalist.com; my regular online shopping one stop.

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How to keep your clothes looking 100


My clothes are my babies, little fabric children who live inside my closet. I don’t just buy an item of clothing and throw it into the pile, I rearrange my entire wardrobe in order to create a safe spot for that new item to call home. Most of my friends can vouch for the fact that although my bedroom might be untidy, my closet will without a doubt be impeccably clean and well organised. I spend a great deal of money each month on shopping expenses and it would totally leave me gutted if I were to throw away an item due to negligent wardrobe etiquette or worse poor washing methods.

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#MySuperbJacket Campaign – Superbalist


It’s the second of May already, gasp! The middle of the year has sprung on us all and the first thought that comes to my mind; Winter shopping! I much prefer winter fashion over summer fashion, just because there are so many more options to choose from. Options, a bittersweet word for us ladies, we want more options yet get frustrated with too many options. We find it difficult to choose, but what if there was a way to help us indecisive shoppers make those “tough” winter shopping decisions?

The creative team at Superbalist have created an awesome #MySuperbJacket Campaign to showcase the many different types of winter jackets available to buy online. From Fux Fur to Bombers they have you covered, literally covered for this winter. For some shopping inspiration have a look at Superbalists – The Way Of US – Winter Is Coming blog post, and see how the ever stylish Bee Diamondhead and Tara-Lee McNulty show off the many different winter jacket silhouettes. Here’s a peak at what you’ll see.

Scroll down for competition details …

IMG_6160 #MySuperbJacket Campaign - Superbalist IMG_6161 #MySuperbJacket Campaign - Superbalist


As always Superbalist is running an awesome competition. Do you want to know how to stand a chance to win any jacket or coat on Superbalist.com? All you have to do is share! Follow this competition link for details on how you can enter. Each week a winner will be announced, competition ends 18 May 2016. Get entering! It’s worth it! Shop Superbalist online now – Jackets & Coats  for your competition inspiration entry.

Good luck to all enters, let’s keep stylish and warm this winter.


Photography: Rudi Geyser – Images from Superbalist.com