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Fashion & Beauty Blogger Simone Munnik is an avid coffee addict from Cape Town, known to take a few more selfies than the average girl. With a slight obsession for sunglasses and firmly believing NO outfit is complete unless you are wearing red lipstick, Simone takes you on a journey through her life while building up her empire in the fashion industry. Currently studying Feature Writing & Copywriting through Get Smarter and The University of Cape Town.

Simone created this website as a platform for all aspiring young voices whether that be designers, entrepreneurs, stylists and media houses as well as her own voice shedding light on all things fashion & beauty.

Staying true to her passion, Simone has chosen to focus on 2 areas: Fashion and Beauty. That’s not to say you can’t expect a few lifestyle posts on her favorite markets, coffee shops or raw views on what’s going on in the world. Raw Explosions allows Simone the opportunity in making things personal in order to relate and create a relationship with her readers (YOU)

My website is a place to share my voice, says Simone. On the Raw Explosions blog, you will see posts on fashion shows, store and media launches, look posts, mood boards, information and updates on what’s new and happening in your city and loads more that’s related to fashion and beauty.

Simone’s Style Tips:

  1. Always be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to explore other areas of your personality in the way you dress.
  2. Leave a little for the imagination, Knowing what to show off and what to cover up. Pick your favourite feature and show it off.
  3. Don’t be a trend junkie. Spend your money on good basics and build your wardrobe around those.

Raw meaning – (of an emotion or quality) strong and undisguised. Synonyms: intense and passionate. Those are the exact qualities and emotions I intend to portray in my writing.

Explosions – a sudden outburst of something such as my very own RAW intense and passionate write ups. As well throwing in a few “lifestyle” topics and things that interest me.

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