A summer to remember


In South Africa, December is our summer time as well as our festive time – Ke December Boss. As Capetonians we live for summer days, we spend all of winter planning what we’d do. We think of all the long days we’d spend poolside chilling with friends and a cold one. We envision the evenings, fresh sun kissed skin walking down the camps bay strip. Sunday Fundays are a thousand times better in summer time, and this summer has been an unforgettable one.


Ah it’s a message from the girls; La Parada, Shimmy or Caprice? are you in or not? 
I get out of bed, my head is pounding from lasts nights bad decisions. Isn’t it funny how we always make fake promises to ourselves about our drinking habits after a wild night out. “I’m never drinking again!” The infamous lie we tell ourselves. The thought of consuming any more alcoholic beverages makes my stomach turn. “Tequila” my friend shouts from the bar. I’m 4 glasses of wine and 3 double vodkas in, who am I to say no to tequila. “YES” I shout back over the sound of Biggy hypnotizing me. A flash back from last night plays out in my head, now I know why my head hurts so much. I open my blinds only to get blinded by the late morning sun beaming through my bedroom window.

I can smell bacon… YES! moms up making Sunday breakfast, that’s exactly what I need along with a few headache tablets and a long hot shower. I pick up my phone to respond, only to see the plans for the day have already been made and all I need to do is show up. The girls have decided to instead have a pool day. Its cheaper and a chilled day is needed after our crazy night out. I sit down on my bed, head between my legs, another flash back screens across my eyes….”I love this song!” I shout for the millionth time as I dance the night away with my girls. I shake my head, no more flash backs please, I’d rather not remember. However, knowing my friends they will defiantly be reminding me of all the silly things I did, as will I. My hair smells like an ashtray and I have once again forgotten to take off my make up. It’s such a bad habit and now I’m left looking like the joker, red lipstick spread across my lips and cheeks. I have to admit though, I’ve woken up a lot worse. Try piecing together a girls night when you wake up with a McD’s chip stuck to your face.

Fueled up on a good greasy breakfast, showered and dressed in my most summery outfit, I pack up the car and head off to Muizenberg.
As horrible as I feel, there is no way I am wasting this beautiful day dying in bed. After all it is December and I need to enjoy the festive season to the fullest. This has been my morning state for the past few weeks now but I have NO REGRETS (not even one letter). In my car, I’ve packed in a bottle of Chenin (only thing to cure a hangover is to continue drinking. Ill kick myself in January once I go back to gym), rosemary crackers, cheese and onion marmalade. The essentials for the perfect girls day. When I arrive at the villa we call my friends home, most of the girls are already socking up the sun in the swimming pool on swan and doughnut floats.

Laughter echos through the house as we chat about our night out. Yet another unforgettable girls night. Amazingly we’ve all taken fire photos and are now deciding which ones to Instagram along with deciding on the best filters and a catchy savage caption. These are the things that make me happy, spending quality time with friends, laughing, telling stories, and doing so on a summers day. We all lift our wine glasses up and cheers to many more summer days days together. Its all about making memories that will turn into the best fireside stories one day.

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