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“Hi, can you help us please? I’m here to get my friend some boobs!” That’s my friend Connie for you, outspoken, definitely NOT shy and determined to help me buy the correct bra. “Yes! I’m Jenna, how can I help you ladies? “I’m mortified and want the floor to swallow me up. It’s month end and I’d rather be relaxing at home, all these people are giving me anxiety…Ok chill Simone, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just underwear shopping, everyone does this, I unconvincingly tell myself. I can feel Jenna’s eyes undress me as I stand awkwardly waiting to hear the future of my boobs. It’s all up to Connie and Jenna to find me the right bra, I stand back and watch them sort through the endless rows of beautifully constructed bras. From silky black padded bras to sexy lace crisscross bras… I didn’t know I could house my breasts in such eye pleasing ensembles.

Into the changing room, I go, three options in hand. I look at my current underwear situation, take a deep breath and try on my first possible buy; a padded black bra. “Connie! I have boobs!!! I actually have boobs!” I shout. She giggles at my excitement and instructs me to come out and show her. “Dam girl, look at those boobs! I told you so. And you’re welcome” Connie gloats as I stare down at my new found boobs in amazement. I step back into the changing room to try on my other two options. My confidence is booming, why have waited all these years, why did I feel cosmetic surgery was my only option. All I needed was the right bra. Its the season of giving, and my friend has given me the best gift, she has given me the gift of boobs. What are best friends for after all….

About this look:

I wanted to show off my newly bought boobs in the most elegant way possible, as well as show case my new-found confidence for my curves. This black ensemble was the perfect way in which to do so, as I felt comfortable and confident. This is definitely something I would wear to an end of the year function, or a ladies’ night out. Simple yet elegant. Its my rendition of the LBD

Bra – Cotton On

Blouse – Cotton On

Skirt – H&M

Wedges – The Fix


Make-Up by Taryn Kemp – Flawless Faces by TK 

Pink Hair – Tracey Serfontein – Star Style

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography 


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