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Unfortunately, I am forced to write this post from the not so comfort of my office chair. I had major WiFi problems the whole day yesterday, which also meant I was unable to connect my apple TV and I thus resorted to watching reruns of friends. I am a creature of habit and can get extremely emotional (Queue dramatic music) when my usually Sunday Funday plans don’t involve movies in bed with my cat. I suppose it was a good thing, as in-between Ross pursuing Rachel I was able to sort my closet out and pack all my winter clothes away. Please note when I say pack away what I really mean is; throw all my winter clothes in the ever growing pile upstairs in our loft. I have made endless promises to myself that I will get up there and sort everything out. My plan is to create two piles; one for charity and one for storage. This is more of a long term plan, you see the thing is, its summer now and there’s nothing more uninviting then a stuffy loft that feels like a sauna. To be continued…

About this look:

Having fashion color hair makes it kind of difficult when choosing clothing, especially colorful clothing. With pink hair I am very cautious when putting outfits together, trying to lean more towards neutrals and black. However, with summer here I was getting a little tired of the same old same old and wanted to experiment with a few pastel colors. I opted for this pale blue skirt which surprisingly enough went so well with the orange wall and most importantly my pink hair. I realized after shooting this look with Tegan that small steps and hints of color incorporation actually go a long way and can be quit rewarding. I had so much fun with this look and felt especially playful with every pose.


Off shoulder blouse – Woolworths

Skirt – The Fix

NMD Sneakers – Superbalist by Adidas

Choker – Lovisa


Make-Up by Taryn Kemp – Flawless Faces by TK 

Nails by – Marina Demink – Nail Guru 

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography 

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