This Springs MUST Haves – Girl on a budget

Spring is literally around the corner and the mere fact that there are only 4 months left of 2016 is daunting enough, now we need to stress about an entirely new wardrobe on top of that reality shock.

With the direction in which my life is going at the moment in terms of moving out, I am all about bargain buys and learning how to adjust my lifestyle and living on a budget. Hense I wanted to share my budget finds for this upcoming spring season.

I am completely stepping out of my comfort zone and incorporating some colour into my wardrobe, if you follow my blog regularly you’ll know this is something that rarely happens. If too much colour still freaks you out, try adding a colourfully accessory instead like these gorgeous yellow tassel earrings.


  1. Wrap around Faux Suede Choker – Shop Brett Robson – R35.00
  2. Off-the-shoulder dress – HM – R749.00
  3. Metallic Sandals – HM – R399.00
  4. Suede A-LINE EYELET SKIRT – The Fix – R179.99
  5. Elo JEEPERS PEEPERS Sunglasses – Superbalist – R299.00
  6. Denim Jacket – HM – R599.00
  7. Off-the-shoulder dress – HM – R299.00
  8. Earrings with tassels – HM – R129.00
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