New Era for Athleisure


It’s a New Era for Athleisure and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and play around with a few of my favourite pieces.

I am all about comfort in my everyday life and having the versatility to play around with different brands and products that offer me just that, makes planning a photo shoot that much more exciting. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to own my very own New York Yankees baseball cap, however, I have yet to find a colour and the correct fit to satisfy my particular needs. That was until I stumbled upon the New Era brand on; my regular online shopping one stop.

New Era is an international lifestyle brand, originally from America and one of the leading headwear brands from around the world. Going according to one of their well-known phrases; “No matter your style, there is a cap for you” I wanted to showcase in two blog posts how I would style my two caps for everyday comfort and style.

My personal perks of wearing a cap:

  1. Feeling guilt free about not washing your hair. You’ve got a stylish solution. 
  2. Once you’ve committed to the cap you can’t remove it. And why would you? It’s a part of your outfit. 
  3. Best shield from the sun in summer. 
  4. Keeps your head warm in winter. Now you have more options. 
  5. Can turn any outfit from drab to fab in 2.0 seconds. 

About this look:

Let me clear the air first – No I don’t play tennis. For those who know me, my hand-eye coordination is faulty. So I’d much rather stick to the gym and running, as this is the safest option for me and for you (the general public). Jokes aside, none the less I still wanted to get creative with this look, so decided to tell a story. AND this is exactly why I love shooting with Tegan, she is always keen to run with my ideas and gives the best creative input. Tegan pushes me a little further each time, and for that I am gratefull.

I don’t normally match my shoes to my accessories or headpieces for that matter, but for this look, I felt it was needed. I wanted my two favourite pieces to marry into each other as they do so beautifully when apart. In order not to look like a personal trainer, I opted for a loose flowing dress to break the contrast from hard to soft and added a feminine touch. I wanted to wear a dress that embodies comfort and one that I could pair with these gorgeous Adidas Tubular sneakers yet still look and feel Athleisure.


Baseball Cap – New Era – Superbalist

Dress – Cotton On

Sneakers – Adidas Tubular – Superbalist

Photography – Tegan Smith Photography 

8 New Era for Athleisure

6x New Era for Athleisure

9 New Era for Athleisure

2 New Era for Athleisure

3 New Era for Athleisure

7 New Era for Athleisure

4 New Era for Athleisure

1 New Era for Athleisure

5 New Era for Athleisure

8x New Era for Athleisure


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