How to keep your clothes looking 100

My clothes are my babies, little fabric children who live inside my closet. I don’t just buy an item of clothing and throw it into the pile, I rearrange my entire wardrobe in order to create a safe spot for that new item to call home. Most of my friends can vouch for the fact that although my bedroom might be untidy, my closet will without a doubt be impeccably clean and well organised. I spend a great deal of money each month on shopping expenses and it would totally leave me gutted if I were to throw away an item due to negligent wardrobe etiquette or worse poor washing methods.

I know life gets busy and we seldom have time to get that dreadful laundry done along with all our other “adult” chores. BUT I promise you if you could simply take a little more pride in your laundry duty you’d spend less time crying over ruined clothing, and more time enjoying your favourite pieces.

My tips for keeping your clothes 100

  1. DO NOT wait for laundry day to deal with stained clothes! Tackle that stain immediately. I have a secret home remedy that has yet to fail. Apply sunlight liquid, washing powder and a bit of water to form a paste and apply this to your stain. Leave overnight and throw into the washing machine the next day. Stain GONE!
  2. Separate your whites and colours! For anyone who knows, it can be extremely heartbreaking when your favourite white shirt now resembles that of a hipsters tie dye attempt.
  3. Don’t warm wash all your clothes, it’s not necessary.  A cold wash, in my opinion, is the best kind of a wash. A cold wash eliminates the fear of shrinkage.
  4. Know which clothing items to wash by hand, and which to throw in the washing machine. The average washing machines spin speed ranges from 1000rpm – 1600rpm. A silk blouse should only be spun at 400rpm. If you can’t figure out these settings, and wouldn’t want to risk it, then I’d suggest hand washing all your delicate items.
  5. Always hand wash your knits, and always flat dry your knits. WHY? Handwash ensure less of those irritating fluff balls to accumulate, and flat drying your knits ensures you don’t loose the shape. When knits are wet they are heavier, so hanging them on the washing line will only stretch them out.
  6. Try not to wash your clothes after every wear. I know I am going out on a limb here but if all you did was wear that top to dinner and removed it when you returned home then there is really no need to wash it. Unless for argument sake you messed last night’s meal all the way down your shirt, then YES wash it. This tip doesn’t excuse you from washing your underwear every day though (wink)
  7. DON’T iron everything!!! Especially black items. Ironing your clothes, thins out the fabric and fades the colours. If you are able to fold your clothes up neatly then there is no need to iron them, especially not your underwear (cringe). Never iron leggings, whats worse than wearing faded leggings? exactly!
  8. Fold your clothes immediately after they dry, DON’T throw them in a basket unless you’re going to iron them.
  9. Know what items to hang and which to fold. Never hang knits and always hang jackets. Know which shoes to keep out and which to pack away in boxes.
  10. DO give your clothes room to breathe! Pack away your summer clothes to make room for all your winter coats and boots. Clutter damages your clothes and shoes. Keep your closet neat and tidy.

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