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For the next three weeks, I will be posting some real talk on the blog. This week I wanted to focus on labelling. When you are a blogger or even just a public figure it is important to label yourself according to your target market. Yes or No?

Recently I was approached by a well-known magazine to do a feature on my style for curvy ladies. I have never labelled myself as a curvy or even a plus size fashion blogger, as I never thought this was important. I’ve come to realize though, that this is something very important, it’s essential to establish to your readers who you are, who you represent, and make it clear what message you are portraying with each look post or blog post.

There’s no doubt about it that I am a curvy lady, and I have always tried to embrace my curves and send out a message to my readers that you should be confident with your body type. I thought my images would speak for themselves in that regard, however, that was not the case. It’s ok to label yourself if it’s for the right reasons. Especially if you have a niche market you would like to target. My struggle with this, and why I’ve raised the question, is; there is such a fine line between your target readers, and I would never want to shut the door to – say, a reader who is not curvy. My main focus is to inspire ladies of all shapes and sizes to wear high fashion clothing and still feel confident and sexy. But in the same breath, I do believe that a lot of people try to shy away from curvy or plus size ladies, as they are not what society sees as “the norm”. I know we no longer live in a time when twiggy ruled the runway and all ladies starved themselves to fit into a size 2 and I rejoice that. Being curvy is very much the norm in today’s society, in fact, it’s perceived sexier than being a size 2. BUT then why do I still see so many ladies hiding their beautiful bodies? Why are we not embracing our curves?

My favourite campaign this year was #JETLOVEYOURSELF, this was such a powerful messages to all ladies that have body issues. You should know you can feel beautiful within your own skin. These ladies of all shapes and sizes came together to show us all that your size does not define you! I take huge inspiration from these woman and I merit them for their honesty, bravery and beauty. This campaign was long overdue in the industry in my opinion, and I am so happy that more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

For those very questions and for these recent happenings, I thought it would be important to label myself as a curvy/plus size fashion blogger. I want to ignite a spark in us all to go out and wear what we want to wear, to be sexy, to be confident, to love ourselves, and most importantly to celebrate each other. Woman need to support and lift each other up, we have a voice and it should be heard. We have the power to help and inspire others, and for those ladies, I see doing just that, I salute you. There are loads of woman of all shape and sizes that inspire me on a daily basis, and if it weren’t for these ladies I wouldn’t be where I am mentally today.

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About this look:

Choker – Lovisa

Top & Skirt – Fashion Express

Heels & Sunglasses – Cotton On

Bag – H&M

Photography – Tegan Smith Photography 

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