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It’s exactly one week to go until I start my studies, and the nerves have already started to kick in. These are good jitters, though, the type you experience when you order something online and the next day you receive it. I will be doing a feature writing short course through Get Smarter and The University of Cape Town. This course will assist me in developing feature story ideas, researching feature articles, interviewing for feature writing, language and structure, editing, journalistic ethics as well as selling my writing. I am so excited to take on this journey into a world filled with career opportunities. This course provides the perfect stepping-stone into the journalism world, as it will teach me how to write for a variety of media.

Studying to further my knowledge and improve on all aspects of my life is so very important to me. This feature writing short course is one of two short courses I will be doing this year. I will share the details of my second course closer to the time. I want to bring professional content to my blog as well as grow my career opportunities to finally venture out into a career in writing. I will be knuckling down for the next three months, however in this time, I also have a few shoots I will be planning with Tegan Smith Photography that will really capture the true essence of my new found style. My style is something that is ever evolving, however, I want to narrow it down to 3 elements and share those with you.

I’ve been asked a few times to describe my style, and funny enough this is a difficult question to answer. My style has a few too many personalities, and most days I dress according to my mood. The three main key aspects of my style would be simplicity, comfort and feminine. My style seems to evolve each year and I welcome this transition with open arms as this allows me to play around with more daring looks. My weight loss has also had a huge impact on how my style has changed over the years. I am now more willing to wear skirts with slits that show some leg, embrace tighter fitting tops, not shy away from baring my shoulders and experiment with colours other than black. I am still on a weight loss journey so my options will soon change again as I become more confident to wear items I would of not have worn prior. This excites me and gets my creative juices flowing for up and coming photo shoots.

About this look:

I wanted to put together a look that incorporates the three elements of my style, as well as create a story of my new journey. We shot this look post on the stairs of Rhodes Memorial. The significances of this location, is the stairs, as these represent my decision to “climb” the stairs to success. Climbing the corporate ladder, finally making a choice to further my knowledge in order to eventually pursue a career in writing. As I am doing these courses through UCT, what better place to shoot than here? I wanted this look to come across as professional yet stylishly comfortable and true to my own personality. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post-Crisp Beginning my sneaker obsession/love has grown and will only grow more as this year progresses. I wanted to show you how to effortlessly style your sneakers and still look completely feminine and professional at the same time as being comfortable. The signature black and white Nike roshe paired perfectly with this skirt and peasant off the shoulder blouse. I finished off my look with a few beautiful pieces from Mary V handcrafted jewellery. It was so difficult choosing pictures for this post, so in true Simone fashion, I chose more images to avoid disappointment. Tegan and I both share the same excitement and love for this particular shoot, so I hope you like it just as much as we do.

Peasant Off shoulder Blouse & Skirt – Fashion Express 

Sneakers – Nike roshe runs – Nike 

Handbag – Aldo 

Sunglasses – Klines eyewear 

Rings, Bracelets & Necklace – Mary V Handcrafted Jewellery

Photography – Tegan Smith Photography 

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