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I haven’t been this excited about a fresh start in quite some time. 2015 was a roller-coaster year that didn’t disappoint on the emotional aspect of things, which is why I am very much welcoming a breath of fresh air filled with opportunities this year. I have so many plans for 2016, which is why I have made the conscious decision to remain positive throughout.

On a personal level, my only concern right now is to keep focused and chase my dreams, whatever else may develop, will when the time is right. But that is definitely not my main concern. Right now I am focusing on shedding these last 10kg, getting fit, spending more time outdoors developing my adventurous side and exploring ways to take my personal style to another level. I really want to come out of my shell this year. This is very important to me as I spent too much time last year worrying about everyone else and not focusing on my happiness.

Something I am very excited to share with you all; I will be furthering my studies by doing a Feature Writing Course through Get Smarter and UCT. This is a 10-week course and all material is done online. I haven’t studied in about 6 years, so heading into “the” student mindset will be a tad bit of a challenge, however, I am extremely optimistic and ready to embrace this new chapter and make a better, brighter future in a career path I’m passionate about. I have always loved writing, whether that be short stories, poems and blog posts and being able to fine tune this passion and learn some new tips & tricks is an opportunity I am not willing to pass up.

Regarding my blog, I do have a few plans in motion, and when the time is right I will definitely share this with everyone. These plans are not monstrous, however, they are certainly going to have a positive outcome for my blog. Very excited to see how everything pans outs. I wanted to get myself a yearly planner so that I could be more organized in 2016, however, the struggle is real and I had yet to find something that works for me as a blogger. UNTIL I discovered this AH-mazing 2016 Blog Planner from, have a look at her Blog to download your very own.

About This Look:

I had so much fun shooting this look with Tegan as always. As I have already mentioned in my previous blog post, I am embracing skirts and loving it. I have tried to put on leggings and something just doesn’t feel right anymore. The only problem is I need to shave every 3 days (super annoying) life as a shaver was so much easier living in leggings. Maybe now my legs will get that much-needed vitamin D and look like a normal shade of skin and NOT scary white. I wanted to play around a little with two very popular trends this season: Victorian/ Spanish (Ruffles, puffy sleeves & bare shoulders) as well as some 70s suede & fringe. I didn’t think combining these two elements would work as well as they did until I saw the images. The wind defiantly played in our favour that day so we got some great fringe movement.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video Tegan did while shooting these images. “Behind The Scenes – Raw Explosions & Tegan Smith”

Top & Skirt– Fashion Express

Heels – Woolworths

Purse – Vintage Chanel (Gift)

Earrings – H&M

Photography by – Tegan Smith Photography

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