TOPSHOP Eyeliner Review


I have been struggling to find the “PERFECT” eyeliner. I seem to have such bad luck when it comes to the choices I make. I either spend 10 washes trying to remove the liner and burning my eyes in the interim or half way through the day the liner has managed to spread all over my eyelids (trashy look on fleek).

Let it be known, I have always been a “wreck it ralph” when it comes to liner brushes, which is why you can imagine I’d have a problem with this type of product. However after my many failed attempts I thought I’d give it a try – what have I got to lose?

Queue hallelujah music – I have found the holly grail and there’s no turning back.  TOPSHOP ink liner and liner brush have been my saving grace in creating the perfect winged eye in under 10mins.

The liner brush makes the ink liner easy to apply, with the cone shaped bristles you are able to create the perfect winged line. The TOPSHOP ink liner is soft on the eyes and does not make your eyes feel heavy and pasty. In fact being that its a gel like paste, makes the application 100% full proof.

I suffer with oily skin, so finding a liner that stays on all day was very important to me. The longevity and wear-ability of the TOPSHOP ink liner is so unbelievable amazing it almost seems unreal. I no longer have to check the mirror for black lines or smudges (on a busy day, ain’t nobody got time for that)

The thing I am most impressed with; removing the liner is as easy as 1,2,3. A simple face wash and some warm water and you’re ready for bed. THIS is so important to me. No one wants to spend hours in the bathroom removing makeup, especially when you’re tired and feeling lazy after a long day or night out.


If you have tried or use the TOPSHOP ink liner let me know, I’d like to hear you’re thoughts. If you haven’t tried this yet, I urge you to do so and feel the magic as I have!



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